Byron Chica

Video Engineer.
Camera Crane-Jib Owner/Operator.
Teleprompter Owner/Operator.
E2 Gen 2 Owner/Operator.
Event Support Provider.

I have been full-time in the industry since 2003.  Back then I did anything and everything until I found my passion in the video and camera field.  Once that clicked into place the rest was history.  I took it to the next level in my career when I made the decision to become an owner/operator and run my event support company.  I absolutely love what I do and I am fully committed to help your event succeed. 

Camera Jib

From a tiny 7 foot setup to a 40 footer, we got you covered. Give your live event or livestream broadcast that little extra panache to wow your attendees and online viewers. A jib is also great for live demos to get the perfect angle.

Event Support

One Ten Ten Event Support Solutions provides personnel for any event from stagehands and techs to production riggers and Vectorworks designs. Click on Event Support to request a quote for your next event!

Remote and On-site Teleprompting

Anything from a live corporate event to TV is no problem at all. I am able to cover your on-site prompting needs. If your event is more on the virtual side, remote prompting is available via Zoom or Skype.

Video Engineer

Records, Power Point, playback and livestreaming, at your service.

Screen Management

The Barco E2 Gen 2 is available for your next multi-destination event.

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.